Whiz, Pop, Bang: Stop the Fireworks in your relationship

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I love Bonfire night! Although I hate the thought of getting cold which is why I went full on ski gear this year so I wouldn’t get cold.  And just between you and me I got a bit too hot! Shhh!

I love watching the fireworks. I love the pretty colours, the suspense and the surprise. I’m usually the one screaming when a loud banger has gone off because it’s caught me by surprise. And I love seeing the wonder on my children’s faces.

However I’m not so keen on the fireworks I witness in people’s relationships.

They aren’t pretty.

They are usually destructive.

The screams aren’t exhilarating but frightening.

It is messy and upsetting for everyone.

It isn’t uncommon for relationships to go through the firework stage. If you have shouted at your partner, said things you regret, flown off the handle then you aren’t alone. But we can all hopefully admit it’s not a good way of communicating.

I’m really excited about being able to offer Couples Counselling and will be opening my books at the end of November 2019.

If you want to bring the spark back into your relationship and stop the heated arguments that go nowhere and leave you both feeling burnt then contact me and book your first sessions.

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Couples Counselling with me aims to:

  • Help you find new and better ways of communicating.
  • Help you understand each other.
  • Work towards a new and exciting future.

Call me now to book your appointment 07743561802 or email me at

With warmth, Nicola x x

Spring Clean your Mind in 24 Hours!!

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Okay so you don’t have to do all the 24 hours in one long go – in fact don’t do that, that would be a bit insane and totally not the point of this blog.

We all get bogged down with stuff, life can overwhelm us and before we know it we’re at the doctors with a stress related symptom.

We all know that we should clean our homes. I’ve got friends doing these 15 minutes of cleaning a day programs. I’m not making any judgment on how often you should clean your home but many of us will agree we probably need to clean more than we do!!

A clean house makes me feel so much better. And so a clean mind should make you feel just as good

Here are 24 ideas here to help you feel lighter and refreshed.

I suggest you pick 3 that you can do within the next 24 hours.

  1. Positive Affirmations – write a statement on a post it note like “I am confident/strong/enough”. The idea is that it isn’t something you currently believe. You are tricking your mind into believing it. Put the note somewhere you will see it every day and say it over yourself again and again and again.

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  2. Write down 3 things every day that you are GRATEFUL for.
  3. Journal – go on treat yourself to a new journal. You can never have enough stationary!
  4. Have regular Counselling or life coaching
  5. Read wellbeing and up lifting things
  6. Stop reading and watching negative things or things that scare you
  7. Ditch negative relationships. If spending time with this person completely depletes and exhausts you maybe it needs to end or at least be limited.
  8. Deal with your past pains. You might think they are safely tucked away in a box but you will subtly leak the evidence that you are not okay.
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9-13 Smell, Taste, touch, Hear, See. Give your senses some attention. Make a list of 3 things you like to ‘smell’ etc Then make some of them happen.

  1. Cultivate meaningful friendships. If you’ve lacking in them then think about making new friends. If you’ve got them, think about how to deepen them.
  2. Declutter physically. Have a good clear out you’ll feel great afterwards. Who doesn’t like a bit of Maria Kondo?
  3. Exercise.
  4. Eat good food. So many amazing foods out there with such great health benefits. Just choose a few and put them in your menu.
  5. Eat bad food. I probably shouldn’t be categorizing food as good and bad but you know what I mean. I’m not talking about eating 10 cream buns but about enjoying the food you love, don’t deny yourself just don’t engorge yourself either.

19: Start a hobby or make more time for the things you love doing.

  1. Do something helpful. It could be volunteering for a local charity or baking a cake for a friend who is sad.
  2. Be kind. Go out of your way to be kind. Let it cost you a bit.
  3. Write a list of 10 things you are good at.
  4. Write a letter but don’t send it. If you need to get something off your chest about something someone did then write it, but think very hard about what to do with it. Sometimes burning it and letting go off it is more helpful than sending it.

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  5. Write a letter and send it. Were a losing the art of correspondence. Tell someone how grateful you are to have them in your life. They will feel great and so will you.

Let me know how it goes or which your favourite is.

Best of Luck

Nicola x x


New Sessions At Babyccinos

Counselling At Babyccinos

I just wanted to write a few words about what I am offering at Babyccinos, 132, Huddersfield Road, Mirfield

A baby & child friendly cafe focused on the parent, serving quality food and coffee in a stylish setting, whilst still providing for the little ones.

I was so excited to hear about Babyccino and even more excited to be able to be offering my services there.  I have always thought existing services for Counselling have been a bit bonkers for mothers.   Finding a Counsellor and also childcare is near impossible so I’m so grateful to Ben and his team for making it possible.

I love working with women and particularly helping mums. In my time at the Perinatal Service I worked with women with mild to moderate mental health problems and in my Private Practice at The Caravan Clinic I see a lot of mums trying to make sense of life after a baby.  I am also a mother to a young family so I understand the pressures we face and all that we carry on a daily basis.

Whether you want Counselling or Coaching I offer a safe, confidential non judgmental service.  I listen with my heart to hear where you are at and help you see a way through to a happier place.

I am committed to helping women, FIND themselves, GROW themselves and BE themselves

You may want Counselling if:

  • You are struggling to deal with your emotions, crying more than is normal for you, stressing a lot, anxious, sad and maybe feeling desperate. A lot of this is normal when you are a mum but if it feels too much it’s time to get help.
  • You had a traumatic birth or breastfeeding experience and you need time and space to process what happened to you and your baby.
  • You are struggling with grief and loss. I am an experienced bereavement counsellor and can help you readjust to life without your loved one.

You may want Coaching if:

  • You are returning to work soon and you need help working it all out and getting ready. I have specific programme for women returning to work called “Finding Your Feet as you Return to Work with Confidence”
  • You have a new venture in mind and need help setting goals and seeing your dream come to fruition.
  • You don’t have a specific dream but you want more from life than you have currently got.

What’s especially great about offering sessions at Babyccinos is that there is a brilliant Childminder on hand to look after your baby/child if you need it. I know Counselling can cost a lot of money and when you’ve been on maternity leave you probably haven’t got spare money to spend on Counselling.  But I believe if you need it you need it so I want to help where I can.  I have reduced my fees for Babyccino customers and I am happy to cover the cost of the childminder fees for one child too.

I really do care.

Please email me to book your session and ask any questions at

Looking forward to hearing from you

Love Nicola

PS. Session fees need to be paid at time of booking.



Nailed It


Have you seen those funny photos of people’s creations where they’ve tried to copy something from Pinterest but failed on a major level? The text underneath reads,

“Nailed It”

They make me laugh so much.

Mainly because I have been in that place.

I made Play Doh the other day, the example was glossy and brightly coloured. I thought how hard can this be? Clearly very! It looked awful and I couldn’t get the colour to run through it.

I also made some banana muffins and they looked no-where near as full and plump as the ones in the picture.

I’m now very wary.

I really want to draw on mugs with sharpie pens, the pictures look great. However, I’ve read a few feedback posts that say it doesn’t work and fades after one wash.

Quite frankly I’m not wasting my time on something that’s not going to work.

I wonder if that’s how you feel about Counselling or Coaching with me, or with anyone else?

There’s lots of people out there making claims to change your life, making you fab offers and sending you lots of free stuff. It can be really confusing.

You usually then discover they want a tiny fortune off you.

It’s really hard to know whether you’ll get what’s so beautifully portrayed and promised in the picture. A better life, happier, funnier, thinner!!

When you work with a life coach or counsellor you are giving a little of yourself to someone for a time. It’s personal, you don’t want to do that with just anyone.

So why should you choose me?

I am Nicola Hughes before I am anyone else. Born in the North West of England. I am a wife and a Mum. I run my own business which I love. I love sewing and crafting and walks in the countryside.

You can choose to work with me because I am a real person.

I can help you because I have been helped

I can help you because I am qualified and skilled

Regardless of whether you want Life Coaching or Counselling, I support you to create the life you want


I watch you nail it!

If something in here resonates with you, if you are a little intrigued then contact me.

I offer everyone a FREE 20 session on the phone because I understand you want a glimpse of whether it’s going to ‘work’ or not.

You can hear my voice, see if you like working with me, like my style and ask any questions.

There is no obligation. I promise that.

Email me at and we’ll set up a time that’s convenient.

Please share this with your lovely friends as they might be interested in painting a different life for themselves.

Then join me at so you can keep up with what’s going on and be inspired.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Nicola x x

Ps. Don’t miss out sign up to all I have to offer here: